Enhancing site safety and compliance with construction site welfare facilities

In the fast-paced world of construction and events management, ensuring the safety and well-being of workers or attendees is paramount. One often overlooked yet crucial aspect of site management is the provision of adequate and compliant welfare facilities.

The Importance of Welfare Units:

Site welfare facilities play a pivotal role in creating a secure and compliant work environment. Welfare 4 Hire's welfare units, capable of accommodating up to 16 people, are equipped with essential amenities to meet the diverse needs of workers. These units serve as a central hub for relaxation, refreshment and communication, fostering a positive atmosphere on-site.

Welfare 4 Hire's Eco-Friendly Welfare Units

  1. Rest and Recuperation: Welfare facilities provide a dedicated, sheltered space for workers to rest and recuperate during breaks. Adequate rest is crucial for maintaining focus and reducing the risk of accidents caused by fatigue. Welfare 4 Hire's units are designed with comfort in mind, ensuring that workers can recharge both physically and mentally.
  2. Hygiene Facilities: Maintaining proper sanitation is a fundamental aspect of site safety. Welfare 4 Hire's units include toilet and forearm wash basins facilities, ensuring clients can comply with legislation regarding basic hygiene and cleanliness.
  3. Communication Hub: Effective communication is key to preventing accidents and ensuring the smooth operation of a site. These facilities serve as a central communication hub, providing a space for meetings, briefing and coordination among team members.

The Role of Mobile Toilet Units:

In addition to welfare units, mobile toilet units are another indispensable component of site management. Welfare 4 Hire's towable toilet units offer a flexible and efficient solution for maintaining hygiene standards on construction sites and event venues.

In contrast with traditional plastic portable toilets that typically provide only cold water for hand washing and offer limited space, Welfare 4 Hire's towable toilet units provide superior levels of comfort by including:

  • Hot water
  • Lighting
  • Ample space
  • Two separate toilets in a single unit: ideal for male and female designation.

Mobile toilet units from Welfare 4 Hire are towable, providing unparalleled flexibility in positioning them where they are needed most. This accessibility ensures that workers or event attendees have convenient access to sanitary facilities.

Compliance with Regulations:

Construction and remote sites are required to meet specific welfare standards for the well-being of their workers. Key provisions include:


  • Adequate toilet facilities must be provided on remote sites, in accordance with the BS 6465 - 1:2006 code of practice.
  • The recommended ratio is 1 toilet per 7 persons for a 40-hour work week, with adjustments for multiple shifts or frequent visitors.
  • Flushing toilets connected to mains drainage or units with a water supply and drainage tanks.
  • Portable chemical toilets are a last resort, with on-site toilets potentially being unisex but requiring proper ventilation and cleanliness.
  • Toilet facilities for women must have sanitary waste disposal bins.

Washing Facilities:

  • Regulations mandate wash basins and showers on construction sites.
  • Handwashing sinks should be near toilets and food areas, with showers placed by changing areas.
  • Washing facilities should provide hot and cold water, soap, towels or alternatives for drying.
  • Well-lit and ventilated shower or wash areas are essential, and showers can be unisex providing that the shower cubicles are lockable.

Drinking Water:

  • Access to drinking water must be provided for all workers on site.

Changing Rooms and Lockers:

  • Changing rooms and lockers are mandatory, ensuring secure storage for clothing and personal items.
  • Separate changing areas for men and women are required, along with provisions for storing dirty or contaminated clothing.
  • Well-ventilated, heated drying rooms should be available for wet clothes.

Rest Facilities:

  • Legal requirements demand adequate rest facilities that provide shelter from adverse weather conditions.
  • Canteen areas should have sufficient seating, table space and means for preparing hot drinks and heating food.
  • These areas must be adequately heated for worker comfort.

Sleeping Units:

  • Sleeping units should be located away from the main worksite noise, offering heating, lighting and access to power for charging devices.
  • Optimal rest conditions are essential.

Heating and Ventilation:

  • Welfare facilities require appropriate heating and ventilation.
  • Safety is crucial, and precautions must be taken to avoid fire hazards.
  • LPG systems are not recommended for use in welfare facilities.
  • Air conditioning is increasingly sought after, especially during summer months. Welfare unit manufacturers are responding to this demand.

The Welfare 4 Hire Range

In line with HSE regulations, all of our site welfare units offer the comfort of seating areas, canteen facilities, a toilet and a drying room. In addition, some of our units also have a practical office space. We are confident that we can serve you the perfect solution to your site accommodation needs.

Ideal for small teams, or for sites where services are spread out over a large area, these units seat six people in the canteen area and include a kitchen equipped with a sink, microwave and kettle.

The perfect choice for projects that require an office onsite. These units seat seven people around the canteen table and have additional seating for two people, plus a desk.

These large units include seating for twelve people in the canteen area as well as a drying room and toilet.

This is our largest model. It includes seating for thirteen people in the canteen area, as well as desk space for 3 people and two toilets.

We provide premium 1+1 mobile toilet rental services, featuring self-contained cubicle configurations. This choice is perfect for small outdoor events or construction sites lacking available facilities, offering an ideal solution for unisex restroom needs. Our toilet units include:

  • Recirculating toilets
  • Hot water hand wash
  • Built-in ceiling spotlights
  • Ventilation
  • Waste connection
  • Water heater
  • 230v / 16 Amp electrical connection
  • Fresh and waste water tanks


Health & Safety Products:

  • Health & Safety Bundle: First aid book, signing-in book, fire log book and a pen-on-a-string.
  • 'Health & Safety at Work' act poster
  • One-touch fire alarm
  • General site signage
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Eye-wash station
  • Fire blanket


  • Toilet rolls
  • Air freshener
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Anti-bacterial gel
  • Hand towels

Additional Items:

  • Wooden cutlery sets
  • Stationery products
  • Bottled water

An Outstanding Reputation

Renowned as dependable industry specialists, we provide competitively priced welfare unit hire services with flexible long or short hire terms. Our units feature:

  • Contemporary designs infused with energy-efficient technology, designed to minimise carbon footprint.
  • Stringently compliance with HSE regulations.
  • Ease of transportation, with a swift 45-second setup time.
  • Safety and durability, with galvanised steel construction.
  • Prompt nationwide delivery.

Speak to Welfare 4 Hire About Your Site Welfare Requirements

As a reliable provider of welfare units and mobile toilets, Welfare 4 Hire stands as a key partner for any construction or events management project in the UK, ensuring that safety and compliance remain at the forefront of every endeavour. To find out more about welfare unit hire for your site or event, call us today on 020 3846 1111. We are always happy to take your call.