Innovations In Eco-Friendly Welfare Solutions For Construction Sites

The Benefits of Solar Powered Welfare Units

Modern welfare unit features that embody sustainability and comfort

Construction is all about progress and innovation. Our landscape is shaped by buildings and infrastructure designed to contribute to modern living. However, the industry leaves a substantial ecological footprint. Machinery and equipment used on work sites traditionally rely on fossil fuels which contribute to emissions.

Statistics on the environmental impact of construction vary, depending on what aspects of the industry are taken into consideration. According to the UN Environment Programme, the construction industry is responsible for 40% of Europe's energy consumption, with 80% of this energy currently sourced from fossil fuels.

Statistics aside, it is broadly acknowledged that the construction industry has to make changes to become more sustainable. In the UK, the government's target to reach Net Zero by 2050 puts additional urgency on British companies.

Switching the facilities you use on your site to eco-friendly welfare units is a simple way to increase sustainability whilst simultaneously reducing your energy costs.

What are eco-hybrid welfare units?

Featuring solar panel technology, eco hybrid welfare units remove the need to rely solely on fossil fuels to power your on-site facilities. These units have the potential to be fully solar powered under the right conditions. Their auto start-stop feature means they only switch to the diesel-powered generator backup when absolutely necessary.

Comprising all the benefits of standard welfare units and more, these cleverly designed towable units include everything your workers could need. At Welfare 4 Hire, we stock the highest-quality EcoSmart units. These feature a heated spacious seating area with power sockets and canteen facilities, as well as a bathroom with recirculating toilet and hand basin with warm water.

The benefits of switching

Solar powered welfare units can be up to 97% more efficient than a 6Kva system, significantly reducing energy consumption and costs. Making the switch will improve your sustainability credentials, reduce site running costs and allow you to enjoy the array of features included.

Key Features

  • Solar panels
    Among the most compelling features of eco hybrid welfare units is their reliance on the power generated by the roof-mounted solar panels. By harnessing energy from the sun, these units significantly reduce the need for traditional fossil fuels, thereby slashing emissions and operating costs.

  • Built-in dehumidifier
    Moisture control is crucial on construction sites to prevent mould, mildew and other issues. The newest units in our range come equipped with built-in dehumidifiers, ensuring quick and efficient clothes drying as well as a dry and comfortable environment for workers.

  • Heating
    Comfort during breaks and meetings is essential for site productivity and worker well-being. Integrated heating systems maintain a climate-controlled welfare space regardless of external conditions.

  • Auto start-stop
    The EcoSmart unit will ensure you run on sustainable energy for the longest amount of time possible. The auto start-stop functionality optimises energy usage by automatically switching between solar panels and diesel generators as needed.

  • Fuel active
    Our eco friendly welfare units are designed to prioritise efficiency and safety, drawing fuel from the top of the tank to maintain optimal performance and reliability. This feature comes as standard on all of our new units.

  • Monitor real-time power usage
    Telemetry data readouts, easily accessed by a mobile phone or desktop app, provide real-time insights into energy usage and system performance. This invaluable information allows construction site managers to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement and track environmental impact. Real-time power usage monitoring is a standard feature on our new Eco-Max unit range.

  • On-demand hot water system
    Hot water is a necessity on construction sites for various tasks, from cleaning equipment to providing sanitary facilities. Welfare 4 Hire's EcoSmart units incorporate on-demand hot water systems.

  • Quiet generator
    With a quiet generator that only emits 59 dba@7m, these units will help reduce noise emissions as well as environmental impact.

  • Towable
    Welfare4Hire's EcoSmart solar welfare units are the largest towable welfare facilities available to hire. We can reliably deliver the facilities directly to your construction site.

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Our services are available nationwide: with depots in London, Gloucester, the Midlands, the North West and North East, we can facilitate timely delivery to your location.

Whether you need to hire eco-friendly welfare units for a few days or an extended period, we can help.

Find more information on the eco-friendly options we stock in our blog post.

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