Towable Welfare Units: The Ideal Solution For Remote and Temporary Accommodation

In a time where flexibility and efficiency are of the utmost importance, the demand for remote and temporary accommodation solutions has witnessed a significant increase. Welfare units have emerged as the ideal choice, addressing the unique challenges faced by industries required to provide essential facilities in remote locations.

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of opting for towable welfare units, highlighting their growing popularity in numerous industries.

What is a Welfare Unit?

Towable welfare units come fully equipped with crucial amenities, including features such as toilets, sinks, showers, changing rooms and more. These units are engineered to be self-sufficient and can be tailored to meet specific needs.

The required welfare facilities for your site will vary based on the remoteness of the location and the nature of on-site activities. They may include:

Welfare 4 Hire's Eco-Friendly Welfare Units

  • Toilets — Toilet facilities must be provided on all remote sites, in accordance with the BS 6465 - 1:2006 code of practice.
  • Washroom facilities — Sinks should be situated close to toilets and food areas, with showers placed by changing areas.
  • Changing rooms — Separate changing areas for men and women should be provided, along with provisions for storing dirty clothing.
  • Lockers — Secure storage for personal items and clothing should be provided on all remote sites.
  • Drying rooms — Well-ventilated drying rooms should be available for drying wet clothes. Rest areas/sleeping units — Adequate rest facilities should be provided, situated away from noisy areas.
  • Cooking facilities — Kitchen areas should have seating, table space and the facilities required to prepare hot drinks and food.
  • Shower units — Well-lit and ventilated shower areas are essential on remote sites.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Welfare Units?

Besides being a legal requirement for many remote sites, welfare units provide your workers and site attendants with the basic facilities required to boost morale and productivity. Some of their many benefits include:

Improved Efficiency

By implementing on-site welfare facilities, your workers and site attendants won't need to travel to access essential services. This reduces the amount of time spent away from site searching for shelter and nearby cafes.

Welfare units allow individuals to maximise their time away from work within a relaxed environment, enhancing productivity and spirits on even the dreariest of days.


A cost-effective solution in comparison to building permanent on-site facilities, welfare units allow for easy relocation in conjunction with site requirements. This eliminates the need to invest in costly permanent structures.


Mobile welfare facilities can be tailored to meet specific project requirements. Customisation options include additional features such as drying rooms, small or large kitchens and additional seating areas.

Who Could Benefit From Remote and Temporary Accommodation?

Construction Workers:

Towable welfare units are commonly deployed on construction sites to offer essential amenities to workers.

Demonstrating a commitment to the wellbeing of those on site, these units contribute to a safer working environment, providing facilities that promote hygiene and cleanliness. This, in turn, helps to prevent health issues and supports overall safety on site.

Event Staff and Attendees:

Providing essential amenities, welfare units can ensure event attendees receive the basic comforts required to have a pleasant experience. By strategically placing these facilities across an outdoor venue, organisers can manage crowds more effectively, preventing long queues and congestion.

Whether you're organising a music festival, outdoor wedding or corporate event, your welfare units can be customised to suit your needs.

Film and TV Productions:

The dynamic nature of film and TV productions, which often involve moving from one location to another, makes towable welfare units an ideal choice. They can serve as on-site accommodations for cast and crew, providing essential facilities during the production process.

Oil and Gas Industry Personnel:

In remote oil and gas exploration or drilling sites, welfare units offer a practical solution for providing accommodation to personnel. These units ensure that workers have access to necessary amenities in challenging and isolated environments.

Emergency and Disaster Relief Teams:

Welfare units play a crucial role in disaster-stricken areas by offering temporary accommodations for emergency response and relief teams. They provide a quick and efficient way to establish essential facilities during critical times.

Infrastructure Maintenance Crews:

Towable welfare units are valuable for maintenance crews working on remote or temporarily inaccessible infrastructure sites. They enable these crews to have the necessary facilities while carrying out essential maintenance tasks.

The adaptability and mobility of these facilities make them an ideal choice for addressing the accommodation needs of individuals and teams in diverse and challenging environments, providing a comfortable and functional solution for temporary living arrangements.

Looking for Flexible, Cost-effective, Towable Welfare Units For Hire? Choose Welfare 4 Hire.

Mobile welfare units are the ideal modern solution to the evolving challenges of providing remote and temporary accommodation. Their versatility, mobility and eco-friendly features make them the perfect choice for industries looking to enhance efficiency without compromising on the wellbeing of their workforce.

At Welfare 4 Hire, we take pride in offering adaptable towable welfare units that can comfortably accommodate six to sixteen individuals. Whether you have a clear vision of your requirements or need guidance from our seasoned experts, we are well-equipped to deliver tailored solutions.

Enjoy the Convenience of our Value Added Product Range

Welfare 4 Hire's Value Added Products range includes essential supplies such as:

- Health & Safety items, including fire extinguishers, alarms and first aid kits
- Housekeeping products such as toilet rolls, soap and hand towels
- Additional items such as bottled water, cutlery or stationery.

We aim to provide a seamless welfare unit hire experience, eliminating the need for other suppliers, additional orders or extra paperwork. Speak to us for more details on the products we can supply.

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